SkySpecs launches new solutions to enable growth of the renewable energy industry.



SkySpecs simplifies renewable energy asset management. We want to make it easier for our customers to maximize clean energy output, increase power production in their portfolios, and extend the life of their existing assets. That’s our vision: An energy system where it takes fewer resources to deliver the power the world needs and our customers see industry-leading efficiency, productivity, and returns.

 With COP 26 behind us and 2022 just around the corner, we are also at an inflection point for the renewable energy industry. As consumers increasingly call for action to address climate change, renewables are taking center stage. Demand is exploding and the renewable energy sector is ready for its next stage of growth. However, infrastructure investors are also taking harder looks at asset performance and management.  

So, how do operators scale aggressively enough to meet growing demand and our global 2050 net-zero goals? 

That’s what we’re here to help with.

Of course, many of you may know SkySpecs as the ‘blade inspection people’. That’s how we started, but our offerings have grown. SkySpecs has just launched a new suite of renewable energy asset management solutions. Each solution includes a mix of purpose-built technologies and services to help enable the industry’s growth.

We are now helping customers in over 25 countries manage and optimize their entire renewable energy fleets, right from the planning stages through the entire lifecycle of a wind farm. 


Purpose-built asset management solutions that enable efficient renewable energy generation 

Our solutions are designed to help our customers solve today’s problems, like understanding asset health, predicting failures, prioritizing repairs, and extending useful asset life.

They’re also designed to address the challenges of tomorrow, the ones that will influence whether operators can capture the huge market opportunity in front of them.  

A renewable energy operator that can access, analyze, and synthesize data across all their assets can make smarter decisions about everything from maintenance to production to risk to capital. Communication gets easier. Resources get optimized. Then, just as critically, returns grow in turn. This all starts with high quality data – and so do our solutions.

Our six solutions are designed for three core areas of your organization. They include:


Engineering & Monitoring

SkySpecs’ Inspections solutions provide onshore and offshore inspections of wind turbine blades and other renewable energy assets using our purpose-built autonomous robotics technologies. 

Horizon CMS uses AI-based fault detection technology to enable much earlier and more robust fault detection than any other CMS solution so you can maximize uptime and asset lifetime at the lowest cost. 


Operations & Asset Management

Horizon Blade Management gives you the ability to centralize, manage, configure, and track all inspections and maintenance work associated with wind turbine blades from their first operational days to end-of-life.  

Horizon Fleet Management enables you to centralize, track, and consolidate your engineering and maintenance data to create a full electronic medical record for your entire renewable energy fleet.


Finance & Risk Management

Horizon Finance is a SaaS financial management system purpose-built for the renewable energy industry. It gives you confidence in your numbers and enables you to forecast your cash position for greater capital efficiency. 

Financial Services. We offer a full suite of financial services that are custom designed for renewable energy assets, including SPV and holding company administration. 


So, how can you collaborate with SkySpecs?

We will be at the CLEANPOWER 2021 Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on December 7 and 8.

Come by our booth at 627. 

Or if you’re not at the conference, contact us or set up a demo of our expanded solution offerings. 

It’s the end of the beginning of the global renewable energy expansion. The next phase is already underway. We’re thrilled to be beside our customers as they scale to meet the demands of people and planet, both. 

Let’s talk about how we can work together.