Using Robotics and AI to Optimize Wind Operations and Maintenance

Across the globe, businesses and country-wide policies are committing to a net-zero future. As we all ramp up our use of renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels, efficiency is critical. Here’s what we know – The Global Wind Energy Market size is projected to reach $127.2 billion by the year 2027, wind power […]

SkySpecs Removes 1 Month of Carbon Emissions Per Employee for the Holidays

As a company focused on making renewable energy a robust and efficient part of the future, it’s our responsibility to consider the environmental impact our day-to-day operations have on the global climate scene. This goes beyond the organization as whole — as individuals, we have a personal connection to investing in and protecting the future […]

Centralizing Blade Data to Better Manage Wind Assets during and after COVID-19

Wind turbine fleet

Global organizations including workforces within the wind industry, have had to grapple with the life-changing and challenging impact of COVID-19 in the past few months. Many of us may be facing times ahead that are ambiguous, uncertain, and unpredictable. Beyond these concerns, the call for social distancing measures have also pushed companies towards adequately preparing […]

Standardization of Blade Damage Categorization: Critical to the Future of Wind Energy

Wind turbine blade damage

Technology Pushes Blade Performance Technological development in the wind industry has been notable over the last decade. The industry is maturing, which ultimately brings down the cost of generated electricity. Offshore is booming and wind turbines are going “big.” Rated power has crossed 10MW, and blade length has reached 100m. All of this was made […]