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As the global leader in turbine blade inspections, SkySpecs’ autonomous drones and innovative technology have provided more than 200,000 safe, accurate, and consistent inspections — the most in the industry.

SkySpecs drone inspecting wind turbine

Our purpose-built autonomous drones perform at record-setting inspection speed to minimize downtime while capturing the highest-quality blade data. Our AI analysis process and machine learning tools provide detailed analysis of your inspections in our blade asset management platform, Horizon. The Horizon platform ensures you have the data and insights your team needs to manage the health of your assets, identify blade trends to mitigate risk, and optimize your O&M planning and spend. This allows you to focus your budget and resources on the most critical repair needs with confidence.

Why SkySpecs Inspections

Data accuracy and quality

To determine turbine blade health, high-quality images and data are needed on a blade by blade basis. Our in-house robotics team is solely focused on innovative drone technology for the wind industry. SkySpecs’ fully autonomous drone inspections use a combination of custom-built hardware and software to provide you with industry-leading inspections. We use cutting edge technology such as:

  • Drones that capture geospatial image metadata
  • 3D Lidar scan for every inspection
  • Dynamic in-flight photography controls
  • Sun avoidance software 
  • Large flight envelope and advanced autonomous flight controls that enable  inspections in winds up to 15 meters per second (18 meters per second, gusting)

Completing turbine blade inspections quickly to minimize turbine downtime is a top priority for site and asset managers. SkySpecs provides the fastest autonomous inspections on the market, and our analysis turnaround time allows you to make important decisions more quickly. SkySpecs ensures speed and data turnaround times by:

  • Providing an average of 15 minute onshore turbine inspections — the fastest on the market
  • Image quality verification during inspection flight to reduce re-flies and time on site
  • Analysis turnaround time of 10 business days or less
  • Rapid notification of the highest severity damages

Wind energy is growing fast, and wind farm owners can change hands in the blink of an eye — often doubling or tripling your megawatts under management. However, staff and resources can’t always keep up. Working with SkySpecs as an extension of your team means you can scale as needed. We help you scale through:

  • Full-time pilots and a pilot network that is ready to meet growing inspection demand, both on and offshore
  • Offices located in the biggest renewable energy hubs globally
  • A team of industry experts and blade engineers to act as an extension of your team to analyze your data and help you make data-driven decisions
  • The largest global database of blades data to best understand trends around current and future risk
SkySpecs Autonomous Inspection

Capturing consistent turbine blade data year over year is crucial to identify damage propagation and trends across your fleet. Your first images need to be high-quality to accurately compare damages year over year and make confident decisions on repair campaigns. SkySpecs takes extra steps to ensure consistency through: 

  • Multi-step quality control processes for image analysis
  • AI tools to reduce misses and improve analysis quality and consistency


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