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Connect your data, see the value, and know how to optimize your resources. Don’t just take our word for it. Let us connect to your data at no cost. We’ll show you what we can see and the insights we can extract for you. We’ll help you understand the areas where you could improve and have confidence in the steps you need to take toward a predictive maintenance plan and an optimized O&M budget.

Our CMS Drivetrain Service Offering

We collaborate with our clients to design, develop, and execute tech-enabled diagnostic services. We can help you use technology to identify and prioritize drivetrain maintenance so your team can focus on strategic decision-making and delivering the most impact. Our diagnostic engineering team can help you reduce downtime, improve O&M planning, and bring down repair costs.

Full scope monitoring

Expert diagnostic engineers providing continuous advanced monitoring and actionable recommendation

Shadow monitoring

Acting as an expert “second opinion” on the health state of your wind turbine fleet

One-off health check

Snapshot view of the drivetrain health condition, including fault info, recommendations, hardware issues, etc.

We are your trusted partner for CMS

Our CMS drivetrain service offering provides a range of solutions, allowing you to create the right combination for your specific needs. We will meet you wherever you are in your O&M journey.


Actionable O&M advice and interactive reporting delivered through our user-friendly monitoring dashboard along with custom-built integrations to your preferred ERP/CMMS/BI system


Immediate notification if a critical fault development is spotted so you can take swift remedial action, plus alarm setup and connecting your data streams to Horizon CMS

Technical support

We support your IT team with data setup, your technicians with troubleshooting, and your site managers with prioritization

A genuine partner

We care about the health and performance of your fleet. The true value of CMS occur through action, not just detections.

Full transparency

Your data is your data. With viewer access to Horizon CMS, you can see the same things as we do whenever you want.

Software offering

We offer the services you need to scale your team, but when you feel that your organization has built the necessary in-house expertise, we will ensure that you are set up for success as you transition over to an independent license of our Horizon CMS software. We are dedicated to supporting you along your self-perform journey so you can take full control of your condition monitoring discipline.

Sensor data unification

Streamline multi-brand fleets and multiple sensor data streams in one CMS platform

Diagnostic analysis

Waterfall-centric diagnostic toolbox delivers advanced waveform transformations at your fingertips, including as cepstrum, autospectrum, and more

Alarm management

Kaleidoscope™ AI-based fault detection reduces false alarms by more than 90% while providing early fault detection.

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