Financial Asset Management

We give clients clearer insights into the financial health of their renewable energy projects

Financial Asset Management from Skyspecs supports existing in-house finance teams and provides a robust level of insight that allows for better financial decisions.

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What We Do

Financial Asset Management by SkySpecs is an industry-specialized, technology-enabled financial services offering which helps companies focused on renewable energy generation, storage, and conversion projects to grow their assets under management without the need to scale their financial teams excessively. We have trusted financial partners in locations around the world to help our clients manage legal entities on a global scale.

Seamless Analysis and Reporting

Financial Asset Management by SkySpecs incorporates our proprietary financial platform, Horizon Finance, to gain industry-specific insights into financial data. As well as being an end-to-end financial management platform, Horizon Finance contains a suite of industry-specific tools to assist with all stages of project development, from early-stage site tagging to SCADA integration on fully operational assets. Our team also has the ability to integrate data from other service and software providers, allowing customers to consolidate all of their financial data in one place.

This level of data and insight helps owners and operators of renewable energy sites to optimally invest in, maintain, and manage their assets for sustainable returns.

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Manage risk

Horizon Finance makes it easy for you to manage your projects in a single source of truth platform. This means less risk for inaccurate data and full project transparency so you can see which projects are on track or need attention.

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Optimize performance

Overviews of full portfolios down to site-specific financials allow you to easily see which projects are performing on schedule and on budget and which aren’t. Then, you can quickly take action before more cash is spent.

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Increase profitability

Horizon Finance helps manage your projects, show contingency allowances, identify data anomalies, and show which projects might be at risk for budget and schedules. This comprehensive view allows you to make decisions quickly regarding which projects should be kept and which you should offload.

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