Financial Asset Management 2.0

We give clients clearer insights into the financial health of their renewable energy projects.

Project Finance 101: An Asset Manager's Guide

Financial Asset Management from SkySpecs supports existing in-house finance teams and provides a robust level of insight for better financial decisions.

Financial Asset Management by SkySpecs is an industry-specialized, technology-enabled financial services offering which helps companies focused on renewable energy generation, storage, and conversion projects to grow their assets under management without the need to scale their financial teams excessively. We have trusted financial partners in locations around the world to help our clients manage legal entities on a global scale.

We offer a full suite of Financial Services for renewable energy assets, including SPV administration, holding company administration, and an array of additional services like banking and investor reports, audit management, and budget preparation.

Download the brochure to learn more about:

  • Our full scope of services and detailed cash reporting 

  • Optimizing performance and increasing profitability

  • Banking and investor reports and audit management

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