Improve productivity by lowering drivetrain false alarm rates and producing earlier warnings

Streamline your CMS sensor data into one platform with Horizon CMS and apply the Kaleidoscope™ AI fault detection technology. Achieve earlier and more accurate fault detection and spend less time on manual data analysis and false alarm handling.

What our solution offers

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Stay A Step Ahead Of Catastrophic Failures

As your fleet ages, there’s a greater need to understand where the risks are for catastrophic asset failures and when they might happen. Failures to the drivetrain components are currently listed among the most problematic during the operational lifetime of a wind turbine. Horizon CMS provides advanced diagnostic AI to enable early warning with less noise.

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Up To 10x Performance Over Classic CMS Methods

Achieve earlier and more accurate fault detection and spend less time on manual data analysis and false alarm handling. Horizon CMS simplifies and supercharges the monitoring discipline so that maintenance organizations can focus on optimizing for maximum uptime and asset lifetime.

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Early Fault Detection Leads To A More Profitable Turbine

Horizon CMS allows you to detect failures as early as possible on the P-F interval. This provides valuable time to diagnose, inspect, and schedule repair of the wind turbine. Site engineers are then able to perform maintenance at a scheduled time where it's most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance, which would undermine the profitability of the turbine.

What You Get With Horizon CMS

Sensor Data Unification

Streamline multi-brand fleets and multiple sensor data streams in one CMS platform

Cloud-Based CMS Workflows

Highly capable and efficient workflows and tools for monitoring and diagnostics

Kaleidoscope™ AI Technology

Supercharge and simplify with diagnostic AI for early and robust fault detection

Diagnostic Analysis

Waterfall-centric diagnostic toolbox delivers advanced waveform transformations at your fingertips, including as cepstrum, autospectrum, and more

Alarm Management

Kaleidoscope™ AI-based fault detection reduces false alarms by more than 90% while providing early fault detection.

Expands To Other Sensor Types

As we continue to expand the platform, you will have the flexibility to add additional sensor data sources, such as SCADA, particle counters, etc.

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