Cookie Policy

Updated and Effective Date: MAY 20, 2024

This Cookie Policy describes how SkySpecs, Inc. and its affiliates (“SkySpecs”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”) uses cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information when you visit, use or interact with our website.  For more information about our privacy practices please review our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies, used by most websites, are text files stored on a user’s browser containing information about the user (e.g., information about devices and networks used to access our website). Cookies and similar technologies record certain information about your interaction with our website. This can include:

  • Browser and device data, such as IP address, device type, device and advertising identifiers, browser type, screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, plug-ins, add-ons, and the language version of the pages you are visiting;
  • Usage data, such as time spent on our website, the pages visited, links you clicked, your language preferences, and the pages that led or referred you to our website.

Our use of cookies and similar technologies

Cookies and similar technologies play an important role in helping us provide personal, effective and safe interactions. We use cookies on our website and share those cookies with partners and third parties, like Google Analytics (you may visit to learn more about how Google uses this information). We may change the cookies and similar technologies periodically as we improve or add to our systems and infrastructure, but we generally use cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes:

Operate Our Systems and Infrastructure

Some cookies and similar technologies are essential to the operation of our systems and infrastructure (e.g., our website). We may use those cookies and similar technologies in a number of different ways, including:

  • Authentication. We use cookies and similar technologies to remember your login state, so you don’t have to login as you navigate throughout our systems and infrastructure.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection. Cookies and similar technologies that we deploy throughout our systems and infrastructure help us learn things about the computers and web browsers used to access them. This information helps us monitor for and detect potentially harmful or illegal use or behavior.
  • Preferences. We use cookies and similar technologies to remember how you prefer to use our systems and infrastructure so that you don’t have to reconfigure your settings each time.

Improve Our Website

Cookies and similar technologies help us understand how to make our website work better for you. Cookies and similar technologies tell us how people reach our website and they give us insights into improvements or enhancements we need to make to our website. For example, we use cookies to identify popular sections of our website, to recognize how frequently you have visited the website, to remember your preferences on our website, and to improve the security of our website.

Necessary cookies

(sometimes called “strictly necessary” or “essential”) enable core website functionality and without them we cannot provide many features, functionalities, or services on our website. Some examples include cookies for network management, security, and authentication.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies are set to provide quantitative measures of website visitors. Information collected with these cookies is used in operations to measure website or software Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as for website performance, troubleshooting, or analytics. With these cookies, we can count visits and traffic sources to improve the performance of our website and our ads and application. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our website.

Functionality cookies

(also called “preference cookies”) are used to remember information you have entered or choices you make (e.g., username, language, or your region) on our services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google uses the data collected to track and monitor the use of our Service. This data is shared with other Google services. Google may use the collected data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

You can opt-out of having made your activity on the Service available to Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) from sharing information with Google Analytics about visits activity.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page.

For more information on the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy & Terms web page:

Cookies Used on Our Site

Strictly necessary cookies


Cookie ID

Persistent or Session Lifespan

Purpose/Data Collected



30 minutes

Cloudflare places the cookie on end-user devices that access customer sites protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode.




The _cfuvid cookie is used to allow the Cloudflare WAF to distinguish individual users who share the same IP address. Visitors who do not provide the cookie are likely to be grouped together and may not be able to access the site if there are many other visitors from the same IP address.



The cf_clearance cookie has a default lifetime of 30 minutes. Cloudflare recommends a setting between 15 and 45 minutes.

When a Cloudflare CAPTCHA or Javascript challenge is solved such as for a Firewall Rule or IP Access Rule, a cf_clearance cookie is set in the client browser. cf_clearance specifies the duration our website is accessible to a visitor that successfully completed a previous Captcha or JavaScript challenge.




Cloudflare sets this cookie to identify

trusted web traffic.

Analytics Cookies


Cookie ID

Persistent or Session Lifespan

Purpose/Data Collected



1 year 1 month 4 days

Google Analytics sets this cookie to store and

count page views.



1 year 1 month 4 days

Google Analytics sets this cookie to calculate

visitor, session and campaign data and track

site usage for the site’s analytics report. The

cookie stores information anonymously and

assigns a randomly generated number to

recognise unique visitors.



1 day


Google Analytics sets this cookie to store

information on how visitors use a website while

also creating an analytics report of the

website’s performance. Some of the collected

data includes the number of visitors, their

source, and the pages they visit anonymously.



1 minute

Google Analytics sets this cookie for user

behavior tracking.




Google Analytics sets this cookie to store an ID string on the current session.



30 minutes

This cookie keeps track of sessions. This is used to determine if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie.








1 minute


Functionality Cookies


Cookie ID

Persistent or Session Lifespan

Purpose/Data Collected



6 months

This cookie is used to avoid asking the user to approve SkySpecs cookies again.

Disabling, deleting, and opting out of cookies

You can disable and/or delete optional/analytical cookies at any time using the tools available to you in your particular web browser(s).

Exercise your rights and opt-out

If you are a visitor from the European Union, we facilitate mechanisms for exercising your rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To safeguard and respect your privacy we operate our sites on a strict opt-in basis. This means that, to the extent that it is technically feasible and insofar as these trackers are not related to any strictly necessary purposes, we will block all non-essential trackers until you provide your consent to other trackers. These include all trackers used for marketing or analytical purposes as well as targeted advertising. Please note that accepting only necessary cookies may affect your browsing experience when compared with a user who accepted these functionalities.

If you do consent to the use of non-essential trackers, you can customize and withdraw your consent at any time (except concerning strictly necessary cookies) in our Cookies Preference Center. You can choose whether you consent to some or all of our cookies and tracking technologies and this will not affect your access to the website and our resources. However, please note that the user experience might be different depending on the categories of cookies you accept.

Additionally, if you are a visitor from the United States, and especially from California, you might know that residents have specific rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) with the amendments in place by California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). You have the right to request the opt-out of the sale of your personal information. As a sale, you can understand the acts of selling, renting, releasing, disclosing, disseminating, making available, and transferring personal information for monetary or other valuable consideration.