Aggressive goals for the wind energy industry

Automating Operations & Maintenance for
the Wind Energy Industry

SkySpecs entered the wind energy industry in 2014 as a fully automated drone inspection company. After quickly earning a leading position in the North American and European markets, having conducted over 33,000 offshore and onshore inspections for the largest wind energy owners, we grew our services and capabilities to offer full-wrap operations and maintenance solutions.

Our multi-layered solutions include analytics, wind turbine blade expertise, engineering projects, collaborative software to manage and analyze data from multiple sources, digitization of data, planning and consultation on high-cost repair campaigns.

We deliver smarter services to help our customers make the best decisions about their assets, and to:

  • Maximize energy production
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs
SkySpecs - Horizon Blade Management Software
SkySpecs - Horizon Blade Management Software

Humility & Integrity in Innovation

SkySpecs designs and builds the highest quality products for its customers’ applications. We develop technology that is quickly applicable to a wide variety of industries and helps to solve those industries’ most urgent challenges.

Create the Future

We never stop learning in order to build better future technology. We get excited about showing people how this new technology is going to change the way they do business.

Elevate & Inspire

SkySpecs’ #1 goal is to inspire its employees, stakeholders, supporters, community, and customers into the 3rd dimension. We enable our customers to be on the cutting edge of technology, creating faster, easier and more efficient ways of operating.

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