We’re here to make renewables the most efficient energy source in the world.


How do we move this industry forward together?

We believe deeply in the necessity of the renewable energy sector. It’s why we’re in business. But to meet 2050 net-zero targets, the whole industry will have to address its challenges.

That means more than lowering maintenance costs. It means strategic, long-term asset management and comprehensive data synthesis, analysis, and connectivity – all so we can do more for the planet with fewer resources. Our world-class team is in the weeds with our customers, addressing these challenges and building the future of our industry together.

This is what guides our work.

We’re driven to innovate and simplify

We don’t just build innovative technology. We take your complex data from disparate sources and organize it in an easy-to-understand way to help you answer your most pressing questions. In turn, this gives you the insights you need to run your business and use the resources you have to go further, solve more problems, and drive better results.

We simplify your business so the whole industry can grow. We believe by streamlining renewable asset management and providing industry-leading technology to power it; we can help our customers realize the maximum value of their businesses.

We know the ins and outs of the renewables industry

Our team has experience across the renewables industry, from engineering to AI development to the C-suite. We bring extensive expertise and on-the-ground experience.

We partner with our customers

We don’t have all the answers, but we work closely with our customers to first understand and then solve their problems.

We want to help you inspire the next renewable energy generation

Renewable energy is critical to our collective future. That’s what gets us going each day. We bring passion and commitment to our work so we can inspire our employees, industry stakeholders, and customers.

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Inspired by our mission? Want to work on leading-edge technologies? Ready to make an impact on the energy sector as it goes through generational change? We’re expanding our business, our ambition and our team. You might be our next hire.

2022 Awards

Two-Year Award Winner 2022

Best Places to Work Mid-Size Startups 2022

Best MidWest Companies for Work-Life Balance 2022

2022 Nominations

Shortlisted in Technology Innovation 2022

“Financing of the Year Award” and “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2022

Flavia Severin nominated for Top 3 CSM of the Year 2022