Finance & Risk Management

Horizon Finance and our Financial Services are purpose-built for the most important jobs in renewable energy financial management. You can manage large portfolios of SPVs, forecast your cash position and see all your assets in one place.

Scale faster and with more confidence across the full project life cycle.

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Investment, Planning & Construction

Our solutions help you manage the deployment of funds during all phases of the development process. Our software enables you to control all the financial workflows across geographies, partners and technology types.

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Early & Long-term Operations

Drive your cash forecasting with unique PO, invoicing and banking workflows. Financial and SCADA data can be integrated with Horizon Finance, to complement the full suite of built-in GL financial workflows, allowing you to see all your assets in one place – whether your asset management is in-house or outsourced.

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Asset Sale

During the transaction process, Horizon Finance supports due diligence with accurate financial information, clarifying valuation and risk.

We serve Finance & Risk Management with the following solutions.

Financial Services

We offer a full suite of Financial Services custom-designed for renewable energy assets. These are available at any stage of development or operation.
SPV administration
  • We manage your portfolio using our Horizon Finance.
  • Full scope of financial services including P2P, OTC and R2R.
  • Detailed cash reporting.
Holding company administration
  • Confirmations and consolidations to agreed standards.
Additional services
  • Banking reports.
  • Investor reports.
  • Audit management.
  • Budget preparation.
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Horizon Finance

Horizon Finance is a SaaS financial management system purpose-built for the renewable energy industry. It gives you confidence in your numbers and enables you to forecast your cash position for greater capital efficiency. Horizon Finance integrates with on-site, market and budgeting data so you can stay in control and drive consistency across your portfolio.
  • Leverage full general ledger capabilities.
  • Support financial workflow management across your portfolio.
  • Apply cash forecasting and analysis.
  • Create customizable financial statements and reports at a project or portfolio level.
  • Integrate third-party financial data from outside vendors or joint venture partners.
  • Simplify revenue reconciliation and sales invoicing.
  • Handle supplier management and budget uploading and management.
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Our FAQ has answers to some of the most common questions about Horizon Finance, our Financial Services and other solutions.