Engineering & Monitoring

Our purpose-built solutions give renewable energy companies the ability to understand the day-to-day health of their assets and minimize false alarms. With everything from drone inspections of blades to real-time sensor data access, SkySpecs lets you know what’s working and what’s not.

Stop making decisions in the dark. Get a full understanding of your asset health.

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Planning & Construction

By using our Inspections solutions right from the planning stages, you set your company up for efficient, long-term energy production. Your engineering & monitoring departments get more control over your asset health from day one of operations.

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Early Operations

Our Horizon CMS and Inspections solutions help you detect faults early, create comprehensive health records for your assets, minimize downtime and make clear which assets need repair – and what’s just noise. We offer the highest quality inspections in the industry, can work on-and-off-shore, and with advanced AI monitoring and diagnostics you get real-time asset health information.

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Long Term Operations

As your fleet ages, there’s a greater need to understand where the risks are for catastrophic asset failures and when they might happen. With all our solutions working together, you’ll have detailed asset health record histories and the real-time information your teams need to fix problems before they cost your company millions of dollars.

We offer these solutions for Engineering & Monitoring.

Horizon CMS

Streamline your CMS sensor data into one platform and apply the Kaleidoscope™ AI fault detection technology. Achieve earlier and more accurate fault detection and spend less time on manual data analysis and false alarm handling. Horizon CMS simplifies and super-charges the monitoring discipline so that maintenance organizations can focus on optimizing for maximum uptime and asset lifetime at the lowest cost.
  • Unify vibration sensor hardware brands across multi-brand fleets
  • AI-based failure mode detection with automated diagnostic advice
  • Highly performant diagnostic toolbox and alarm management workflows
  • Integrates to work order systems.
  • Modern cloud software built for CMS engineering teams.
  • Expands to other sensor types; SCADA, Particle counters, etc.


SkySpecs’ Inspections solutions provides on-shore and offshore inspections of wind turbine blades and other renewable energy assets using our purpose-built drone and rover technologies. This enables producers to achieve efficient and timely asset inspections, create detailed records of assets throughout their entire lifecycle and avoid catastrophic asset failure.
  • Reduce downtime of onshore and offshore turbines, with industry leading 15 minute autonomous drone inspections.
  • Assess blade health easily using Horizon to review the results of your inspections.
  • Visually map and assess the internal state of your turbine blades using our Rover technology.
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