Wind Turbine Yaw Misalignment: Setting Some Things Straight

Wind Turbine Yaw Misalignment: Setting Some Things Straight

I have heard many discussions on the subject of yaw misalignment during my career in the wind industry, and I would like to offer my opinion on this interesting and complex topic. Although there are surely cases where misaligned turbines should be corrected, I believe that claims relating to the severity and frequency with which […]

5 Reasons to Centralize Performance Optimization in Wind

For owners and operators of wind energy assets, performance monitoring, and improvements are always a high priority and receive continual attention. Even a marginal gain of a single percentage point across an extensive portfolio has a very positive financial impact. Yet, too often, large companies and those with multiple international branches miss out on potential […]

Data Quality. Action vs Procrastination

To talk about data quality is a double-edged sword. You risk losing the attention of your audience, but at the same time, you know that you are addressing one of the most critical issues in data science. We know that data quality and concerns around this topic are one of the major stumbling blocks in […]

Wind Turbine Asset Optimisation: Getting Things Done

Asset managers, operations engineers, service technicians, and performance managers….all roles typically involved in ensuring that a fleet of wind turbines operates well, producing the maximum possible energy yield. Another thing that all these roles have in common is that all are complex, require excellent multitasking skills, and often involve working under high pressure. Typically, such […]