Project Finance 101 Webinar

Project Finance 101- An Asset Manager’s Guide

Are you new to renewable energy project financing? We put together a webinar that’s a 101 guide for asset managers to get familiar with the world of project financing. Industry expert John Harney, VP of Financial Products & Services at SkySpecs, breaks down the basics of project finance, the terminology you need to know, common […]

Containing O&M Wind Costs in European Asset Management

Portfolio management can help hedge against challenges Authors: Ray O’Neill and John Harney   As global pressure mounts to accelerate the build-out of renewable energy, some new challenges are starting to appear. Inflation, greenflation, supply chain issues and permitting are some of the trends that can be difficult to mitigate for portfolio owners.   As […]

SkySpecs announces expanded solution offering to simplify renewable energy asset management.

Autonomous blade inspection pioneer set to enable next phase of renewable energy industry growth with solutions that help customers manage their fleets across the full asset lifecycle.   SALT LAKE CITY, UT (December 8, 2021) – SkySpecs CEO Danny Ellis today announced the launch of SkySpecs’ expanded suite of asset management solutions for renewable energy. […]

SkySpecs launches new solutions to enable growth of the renewable energy industry.

SkySpecs simplifies renewable energy asset management. We want to make it easier for our customers to maximize clean energy output, increase power production in their portfolios, and extend the life of their existing assets. That’s our vision: An energy system where it takes fewer resources to deliver the power the world needs and our customers […]

EU Project “AI-TRAIN” completed

Vertikal AI’s core product is an AI platform for wind turbine drivetrain condition monitoring, using online data streams from vibration sensor systems. The business of condition monitoring is about delivering early warning on mechanical faults, so that maintenance operations and repair costs can be minimized. Early and robust fault detection also reduces unplanned downtime, and […]

SkySpecs acquires two European wind energy technology companies: Fincovi and Vertikal AI

Together, these leading companies provide world-class data insight and automation to help wind farm owners and operators best perform Ray O’Neill, CEO – Fincovi Danny Ellis, CEO – SkySpecs Allan M. Larsen, CEO –  Vertikal AI ANN ARBOR, MI – SkySpecs, a global leader in wind energy technology, has acquired two of Europe’s premier wind […]

AI can accelerate the renewable energy transition

Did you know that AI can accelerate the renewable energy transition? Turbine sensor data can be turned into actionable insights that organizations can use to drive an effective business. AI can help O&M organizations reduce the cost of renewable energy by accurately detecting mechanical faults in advance. Avoiding unexpected component failure enabling cost-efficient repairs, and […]

Brian Travers Joins Fincovi as Director of Global Financial Services

Press Release 01.02.2021 – Brian Travers Joins Fincovi as Director of Global Financial Services Former Group Financial Controller for Phelan Energy, Brian Travers, joins Fincovi to head up global financial services division Brian Travers – Director of Financial Services @ Fincovi Brian comes to Fincovi with significant experience in the renewable energy sector. ACA qualified […]

Lease Payments – Getting them right from the start

Now that the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) is about to kick off and land options will be converting to leases we felt it was timely to get our perspective on land leases down on paper. This blog post is framed around the commercial questions that can often go unanswered but which can provide some […]