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We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of
Fincovi and Vertikal AI.

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Digital asset management for wind energy

An integral part of digitizing your organization is understanding the power and value of data.  SkySpecs collects high-quality data that becomes the entry point for making better, more informed decisions  based on quantitative, historical analysis.

We partner with our customers to bring technological solutions to the industry in the form of robotics, software, and expert solutions that often solve complex and cross-organizational challenges. Working with the biggest asset owners, ISPs, and OEMs, we are bringing efficiency, value, and higher profitability to our customers.

OneView - Fincovi's financial asset management tool
VertikalAI diagnostics dashboard
Kaleidoscope - Vertikal AI's predictive maintenance tool
SkySpecs - Horizon Blade Management Software
Horizon - SkySpecs' blade management tool

SkySpecs’ best-in-class turbine analytics & management software - Horizon

As the renewables industry continues to grow, so does the need for reliable, organized, manageable data throughout a fleet’s lifespan. Horizon was built as a way to unlock better decision-making capabilities, higher levels of automation, and more transparency at every level of your organization.

Our collaborative platform allows our customers to manage, parse and make sense of their data by digitizing Operations and Maintenance activity. Horizon supports workflows for stakeholders at every level of the value chain.

Engineers, executives, technicians, vendors, and partners can create and execute tasks and conduct data-driven analyses.

Our robots monitor your assets' condition

Creating a digital ‘health record’ for your windfarms

SkySpecs’ Webinar Series Featuring EDF’s Matt Sigala: Blade Repair Strategies

SkySpecs kicked off its Webinar Series with its first webinar, “Blade Repair Management using Repair Prioritization.” SkySpecs’ Senior Blade Engineer, Ken Lee, and Manager of Composite Repair Services at EDF Renewables North America, Matt Sigala, teamed up to talk about the ways in which repair prioritization enables a more holistic and informed approach to blade repair management for the wind energy industry.

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