Feel Confident in Your O&M Blade Strategy

Senior-level asset managers need to make confident, strategic decisions to maximize cash flow and profitability. Increasing ROI is nearly impossible without a solid understanding of your asset health.

SkySpecs Blade Services offers the benefits of a fully-staffed, scalable blade management program by acting as an extension of your team. We will simplify, centralize, and tailor your data to reduce errors and give you a clear picture of the health and status of your blade fleet.

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SkySpecs Blade Services provides a source of insights from our team of wind industry experts. We leverage our inspections data, asset health management software, and advisory services to provide you with data-driven decisions. Our insights fill the gap between your existing resources and the timely decisions you need.
SkySpecs’ Blade Services provides a scalable source of insights, advisory, and data-driven decisions from a team of wind industry experts by leveraging bundled product offerings across inspections, software, and blade engineering.

Customers want holistic, actionable insights

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SkySpecs’ products provide valuable tools and data

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But customer’s existing resources are limited and stretched thin

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Tech Enabled Insights fills the gap between customer resources and SkySpecs’ tools and data

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Blade Services gives you peace of mind

More resources without additional headcount

Many teams don’t have the internal resources needed to properly analyze inspection data, prioritize and scope repair needs, and manage what needs inspecting and repairing. Blade Services takes that work off your shoulders

Reduced risk through predictable planning

Blade Services bundles several critical services into one set price, making budgeting and planning more predictable and less risky

Fixed pricing for variable services

With the threat of recession, inflationary pressure, and highly variable repair and services costs on the rise, having SkySpecs take on blade services work provides customers with price predictability and stability when and where they need it most

Future proof

The wind industry is ever-changing, and we are too. Feel confident you are benefiting from the latest insights based on our wealth of data, industry knowledge, and access to the latest tools and technology as they become available

What our service offers

When you partner with our Blade Services team, we can help your organization consolidate, optimize, and analyze your data so you can feel confident in your blade O&M strategy and your ability to reduce potential failures and turbine downtime. Get all of the benefits of an on-demand, scalable blade management program, but without the typical headcount and cost.

  • Inspection strategy
  • Damage review and repair prioritization
  • Repair planning and campaign management
  • Repair auditing and reconciliation
  • Budgeting and planning 
  • RFP advisory
  • Vendor subcontracting 
  • Streamlined invoicing to eliminate the yearly proposal approvals and PO back and forth
Wind turbine farm
Wind turbine farm

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