Autonomous external inspection

The only 100% autonomous inspection on the market

What is an Autonomous External Inspection?

SkySpecs’ inspections remove human error and enable a fast, accurate, and safe inspection that minimizes downtime and provides high-quality, easily accessible data on your critical assets. 

Our drones produce reliable/repeatable results so you can monitor damage propagation year after year. Fully autonomous robotic inspections allow for a closer more accurate view of damages than manual inspections. 

SkySpecs has performed 80,000 automated inspections to date, for customers across the world. 


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Real Customer Feedback

The SkySpecs Automated Robotic

Fastest most precise technology on the market


How long is an external inspection?

Our average inspection time per turbine is just 15 minutes.

Less Downtime

Because of the speed of our system and the experience of our technicians, downtime is minimal.


Automated inspections produce precise data that can be used year after year to accurately assess damage propagation, spot trends, and better understand your fleet.


Need to know how much erosion is on the leading edge? The length of a crack? Where it is on the blade? Everything is measurable.


We can work with customers to assess specific damages or to schedule inspections when unexpected events occur; we do our best to accommodate all our customers’ needs.


We have performed around 60,000 wind turbine inspections, and safety is never sacrificed. Our teams are certified in all relevant areas, experienced, and maintain the highest safety standards at all times.

Always Innovating

Our team of autonomy and robotics experts are never satisfied with the status quo; they are always working to make our technology the best on the market.

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