Minimizing Risk and Repair Costs with Tailored Blade Inspection Strategies


  • Catherine Early, WindPower Monthly



  •  Ken Lee, EDF Renewables North America
  • Jeff Hammit, Wind Blade Solutions, LLC
  • Dan Partin, SkySpecs
Join WindPower Monthly and SkySpecs as we discuss how this can be mitigated

Wind turbines play a critical role in the renewable energy sector, but serious blade damage can lead to significant disruptions and prove very costly.

Regular inspections are a proven method for assessing and mitigating that risk, but when, how often, and what method isn’t always as straightforward. Too frequent can be costly and disrupt operations; too few and you can miss fast-progressing damages; the wrong type may expose you to internal issues or lightning protection system (LPS) failure risk.

Watch this WindPower Monthly & SkySpecs webinar to hear from industry experts about:

  • Why ongoing inspection and maintenance of wind turbines is critical to the renewable energy sector, and the dire consequences of wind turbine failure
  • How to get the insights your team needs to identify blade trends to mitigate risk so you can confidently focus your budget and resources on the most critical repair needs
  • How to reduce your overall risk exposure, including best practice examples of organizations that have successfully achieved this by implementing a tailored blade inspection strategy