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Expert Report Download: Self-perform or OEM-driven? The best model for turbine maintenance

Cover of self-perform or OEM-driven turbine maintenance ebook

Key benefits and challenges to plan for when shifting to a self-perform model

As owner-operators look to gain greater control over the costs and operational demands of maintaining their turbine asset health, many are moving away from FSA maintenance models, whether by choice or not. This report looks at:

  • The benefits of moving to an in-house, self perform model
  • Key challenges to consider and plan for
  • Why data access and ownership is so important
  • How SkySpecs can help you in this journey

SkySpecs joined forces with WindPower Monthly to highlight some of the key benefits and challenges of shifting from an OEM or FSA model to a self-perform model for turbine asset health. 


Download this free report here: