Manage your renewable assets from initial planning to end-of-life

Horizon Fleet Management enables you to centralize, track, and consolidate your engineering and maintenance data to create a full electronic medical record for your entire renewable energy fleet.

Manage Risk, Optimize Performance


Take Control Of Your O&M Spend

Create a foundation for reliable, efficient energy production and return on investment (ROI). Our Horizon Fleet Management solution gives you a full financial picture of your entire fleet of assets to help drive down the Annual Operating Expenses (AOE) and help you achieve a better levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

What You Get With Horizon Fleet

Centralized Repair Tracking For All Major Turbine Components

Know the record of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Create full records – including detailed information about blades, gearboxes, tower TP, and Nacelle – to create a detailed record for your fleet

Budgeting For All Of Your O&M Activities

Track budgets, see the status of current spending, and audit completed work. Get a full financial picture of your entire fleet of assets to help drive down annual operating expenses

Vendor Collaboration

Standardize and manage the field work related to the remediation of your wind assets across third party vendors. Easily capture information and gain more insight into your repairs

Mobile Inspection Of Any Asset

Easily and consistently capture information about repairs while in the field. Access to photos, work logs, and field data will help you determine if repairs were completed correctly

Warranty/FSA Claim Management

Horizon Work Orders help track submission responses and repair progress. Subsequent inspections can be used to confirm repair progress and hold OEMs accountable

A Flexible Platform To Meet Your Needs

Configure the software to your fleet requirements so you know the make and model of every component

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