SkySpecs Introduces SkySpecs Performance: Revolutionizing Wind Energy Operations with Advanced SCADA-Based Monitoring and Component Health Assessment



Ann Arbor, MI

After the successful acquisition of i4SEE in 2023, SkySpecs is proud to announce the launch of SkySpecs Performance, an innovative solution that sets a new standard in wind energy operations. This cutting-edge product integrates SCADA-based performance monitoring and component health assessment on a fleet scale, providing unparalleled insights and efficiency to wind turbine operators.

SkySpecs Performance employs an automated system that continuously evaluates turbine performance, enabling rapid detection and diagnosis of potential issues. A team of domain experts, boasting decades of experience in wind turbine operations is readily available to deliver prioritized recommendations and valuable insights in every meeting.

SkySpecs Performance is built on fully automated technology capable of regularly analyzing extremely large wind fleets, enabling rapid detection and diagnosis of potential issues. A team of domain experts with decades of experience in wind turbine operations adds their input and explains the prioritized recommendations in every meeting.

Key Features of SkySpecs Performance:

  • Actionable Insights That Drive Actual Cost Savings
    We leverage multiple information flows to ensure maximum information is extracted and translated into insights that allow you to take control of your O&M strategy.
  • Reduce Workload
    Industry professionals are under constant time pressure as fleet sizes increase. Our approach provides painless onboarding, fully automated analysis, and advice delivered directly by industry experts.
  • Improved Decision Making
    SkySpecs Performance prioritizes all results and recommendations so that actions can be taken on the issues with the greatest potential for positive gains.
  • Zero Effort To Onboard
    Using a “zero effort” onboarding process, time and effort are slashed, and customers can begin benefiting from SkySpecs Performance and optimizing operations within days, rather than several weeks or months with other methods.

“As a result of the i4SEE acquisition, SkySpecs Performance represents a major leap forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the wind energy industry,” said Danny Ellis, CEO at SkySpecs. “We are confident that SkySpecs Performance will empower wind energy professionals to elevate their operations to new heights of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.”

SkySpecs Performance is now available for wind energy operators seeking to optimize their fleets and maximize their return on investment. For more information, please visit

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