SkySpecs announces expanded solution offering to simplify renewable energy asset management.



Autonomous blade inspection pioneer set to enable next phase of renewable energy industry growth with solutions that help customers manage their fleets across the full asset lifecycle.


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (December 8, 2021) – SkySpecs CEO Danny Ellis today announced the launch of SkySpecs’ expanded suite of asset management solutions for renewable energy. The SkySpecs team is debuting them at the CLEANPOWER 2021 Conference in Salt Lake City. Ellis cited the need for operators to generate renewable energy more efficiently as key to both their growth aspirations and the world’s 2050 net-zero goals.

“This is an inflection point for the renewable energy industry. There is a huge need for clean, renewable energy but it needs to be produced more efficiently,” said Ellis. “That’s why we’ve developed a solution set that enables companies to manage and optimize their assets from the planning phase right through the full asset lifecycle. That’s the only way they can scale fast enough to meet the demand from the market.”

SkySpecs offers solutions for Engineering & Monitoring, Operations & Asset Management, and Finance & Risk Management. The solutions incorporate purpose-built technologies and services delivered by a world-class team of renewable energy experts.

The solutions include:

SkySpecs’ Inspections solutions provide onshore and offshore inspections of wind turbine blades and other renewable energy assets using purpose-built drone and rover technologies.

Horizon CMS uses AI-based fault detection technology to enable much earlier and more robust fault detection than any other CMS solution so customers can maximize uptime and asset lifetime at the lowest cost.

Horizon Blade Management gives customers the ability to centralize, manage, configure and track all inspections and maintenance work associated with wind turbine blades from their first operational days to end-of-life.

Horizon Fleet Management enables customers to centralize, track and consolidate their engineering and maintenance data to create a full electronic medical record for their entire renewable energy fleets.

Horizon Finance is a SaaS financial management system purpose-built for the renewable energy industry. It gives customers confidence in their numbers and enables them to forecast their cash positions for greater capital efficiency.

Financial Services. SkySpecs offers a full suite of financial services that are custom designed for renewable energy assets, including SPV and holding company administration.


Joe Ciliberti, SkySpecs’ CPO, emphasized the way integrating the new solutions finally gives operators the ability to leverage the full power of their data.

Ciliberti: “Many renewable energy companies are struggling with getting control of their asset data. Our solutions finally address that. Customers will be able to access high quality data on all of their assets, and then analyze and synthesize it so they can make smarter decisions about their entire fleets from first day-of-operation to end-of-life. It’s the simplest path to industry-leading efficiency and returns.”

The launch of the new solutions builds on SkySpecs’ previous 2021 acquisitions of Fincovi, a leader in financial asset management, and Vertikal AI, a pioneer in predictive maintenance for wind energy. For SkySpecs, this is just the start of the next phase of the business, but Ellis notes that it’s all with one end in mind: what SkySpecs’ customers can do for the planet.

“Expanding the planet’s use of renewable energy will help drive electrification of all industries. That’s one of the biggest ways we can fight climate change,” said Ellis. “The time for the massive scaling of the renewable energy industry is now. It’s our mission at SkySpecs to give our customers the tools to do it.”

The SkySpecs team is at the CLEANPOWER 2021 Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on December 7 and 8. Come by our booth at 627 if you would like to learn more about our new renewable energy asset management solutions.


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