Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Wind Energy

Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Wind Energy

What role do artificial intelligence and machine learning play in the modern wind industry? As machine learning and AI become more commonplace in data analysis and automation, we wanted to discuss how this affects the wind industry specifically. We invited SkySpecs’ own Shweta Khushu, Engineering Manager, Computer Vision, and Akshay Iyer, Computer Vision Engineer – […]

Michigan’s Energy Innovation Plans with Dr. Laura Sherman

Michigan’s Energy Innovation Plans with Dr. Laura Sherman

Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for the renewable energy industry, and 2023 is no exception. We spoke with Dr. Laura Sherman, President of Michigan’s Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC), about their energy innovation plans for the next year. In this episode of Climate Chronicles, Laura provides background to the organization and her […]

Today’s Challenges and Opportunities in Renewable Asset Management

Every project, asset, and role in the renewable energy sector has its challenges. But as the industry changes, more unique and exciting opportunities arise. On this episode of Climate Chronicles, we spoke with Jeremy Law, Vice President of Commercial Asset Management at Longroad Energy. He explained his route into the industry, his Longroad role in […]

A Renewable Energy Investor’s Perspective on Market Trends

What are the top technology trends impacting the wind energy industry? We spoke with Nicholas Gaudern, Chief Technology Officer at PowerCurve, about his work, his insights into turbine monitoring, asset management, AEP loss, and more. Josh Goryl, Chief Revenue Officer at SkySpecs also joins to co-host with Sarah Leitz, our Chief Marketing Officer. PowerCurve is […]

Climate Chronicles-Three Big Changes Coming to CMS

Climate Chronicles Podcast - Thre Big Changes Coming to CMS

What’s next for condition monitoring systems (CMS) in the wind industry? CMS in the wind turbine industry is vital to ensure proper maintenance of wind assets. But as the industry expands and condition monitoring becomes more complex, we need the right tools and technology for the job. To share their insights into CMS and what […]

Climate Chronicles-Word About Wind Report

Recently, SkySpecs partnered with Word About Wind to discuss some of the wider challenges the renewable energy market is facing. After a boardroom discussion about issues such as inflation, energy prices, long-term service contracts, and supply chain issues, we continue that conversation for this episode of Climate Chronicles. We spoke with SkySpecs’ Chief Operating Officer, […]

Pulse of the West: The Climate Question

CEO Tomás Ó Síocháin of the Western Development Commission discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by Climate Change and how these will impact on the way we live in the West of Ireland. He is joined by guests Caroline O’Doherty (Irish Independent Environment Editor), our very own Ray O’Neill (CEO of climate capital company Fincovi) […]

Uptime Podcast with Allen Hall talks to SkySpecs’ CEO Danny Ellis

Danny Ellis Uptime Podcast

“We like to view Horizon as a complete health record of the blade. It’s not just what’s wrong today, but what’s been damaged over time? What repairs have been made and how did they hold up? Did we make a good decision? All of that data is in one central location.” ~Danny Ellis   SkySpecs’ […]