Foresight – Setting New Standards in Inspection Excellence

Foresight Introducing Foresight, the industry’s leading drone for wind turbine inspections. The demand for faster, more efficient turbine inspections is growing. SkySpecs recognizes that the Inspections process must minimize operational downtime and provide unequivocal, actionable data consistently so that wind farm owners and operators can optimize the capabilities of turbine fleets and ensure they reach […]

SkySpecs PLP Partnership

SkySpecs and PLP bring power line and blade inspection expertise together

SkySpecs and PLP bring power line and blade inspection expertise together SkySpecs and PLP teamed up to provide a power line and blade inspections package that brings more efficiency to asset managers without the hassle of planning and coordination for two separate inspections. PLP protects the world’s most critical connections by creating stronger and more […]

SkySpecs Voliro Partnership

SkySpecs is now offering Lightning Protection System inspections in partnership with Voliro

Lightning Protection System (LPS) systems with Voliro and SkySpecs Lightning strikes are common when it comes to wind turbines, which can act as a lightning rod due to their height. Having a working and maintained Lighting Protection System (LPS) is crucial to mitigating the risk of damage caused by lightning strikes. In addition to Autonomous […]

Financial Asset Management

Horizon Finance – Financial Asset Management

Finance and Risk Management for Renewable Energy We give clients more precise insights into the financial health of their renewable energy projects Horizon Finance is a cloud based financial asset management platform purpose built for the renewable energy sector. Financial Asset Management by SkySpecs is an industry-specialized, technology-enabled financial services offering which helps companies focused […]

Repair Vendor Management

Repair Vendor Management

Repair Vendor Management We handle everything from vendor coordination to real-time tracking Streamline your repair process with SkySpecs to ensure quality repairs and budget control. Dealing with blade repairs can be daunting. Coordinating vendor RFPs, navigating scheduling and availability, chasing progress updates, evaluating repair quality, and dealing with unexpected overages can be overwhelming. SkySpecs can […]

Automated Robotic Inspections

SkySpecs Automated Robotic Inspections

Automated Robotic Inspections The Fastest, Most Precise Blade Inspection on the Market Capture consistent, high-quality data about blade damage, severity, and propagation to minimize downtime. As the global leader in turbine blade inspections, SkySpecs’ autonomous drones and innovative technology have provided more than 200,000 safe, accurate, and consistent inspections — the most in the industry. […]

SkySpecs General Brochure

Simplify Wind Energy Asset Management

Simplify Wind Energy Asset Management We offer purpose-built technologies and services that help our customers make confident data-driven decisions about their renewable assets. We collaborate with our customers to shape the future of renewable energy asset management We’re here to make renewables the most efficient energy source in the world. We help renewable energy operators […]

Performance Monitoring

SkySpecs Performance

Performance Monitoring Performance analysis and major component health monitoring that is automated and holistic. Fully automated wind turbine data analytics and fleet optimization Major component failures can result in extremely high repair costs, complex warranty claim procedures, and significant lost production. Detecting and diagnosing those failures early, along with any other issues that affect operation […]

CMS Services and Software

Take a deeper dive into tech-enabled drivetrain O&M excellence.

Drivetrain Monitoring & Diagnostics Take a deeper dive into tech-enabled drivetrain O&M excellence. We are your independent and trusted advisor for drivetrain O&M. Making condition monitoring scalable for the future. Our team applies innovative approaches and technologies that help wind farm owner-operators effectively manage their drivetrain O&M so they can properly identify, mitigate and monitor […]