The Robots Are Coming — For Your Wind Turbine

Learn more about SkySpecs’ solutions, growth trajectory, and where we see the future of the wind industry headed in this special feature article. Lake Vitton interviews SkySpecs’ VP of Business Development, Josh Goryl. Lake previously interned at SkySpecs in 2018 while attending the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business. He assisted in identifying […]

The Case for Routine Blade Inspections

How Do We Determine Optimal Inspection Frequency? The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – a 16-fold return on investment in this case – is severely conservative when it comes to maintenance of wind turbine rotor blades. The cost of repairing early-stage damage – or even better, implementing […]

Standardization of Blade Damage Categorization: Critical to the Future of Wind Energy

Technology Pushes Blade Performance Technological development in the wind industry has been notable over the last decade. The industry is maturing, which ultimately brings down the cost of generated electricity. Offshore is booming and wind turbines are going “big.” Rated power has crossed 10MW, and blade length has reached 100m. All of this was made […]

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections: Is it One-Size-Fits-All?

Historic Perspective One aspect of the wind industry that is still maturing is blade inspections. Historically, the industry has not done a good job of maintaining blades. Preoccupation with gearbox failures and other mechanical and electrical issues, and a historical lack of blade experts within the power companies meant that blades were often an afterthought. […]