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    Can I buy one of your drones?

    We do not sell our drone or equipment. We offer an inspection service.

    Who conducts the inspections?

    SkySpecs offers an end-to-end solution for all your blade inspections. When we schedule an inspection, we send a highly qualified operator to the field with the SkySpecs’ system to collect images from all sides of all blades.

    Do you conduct other types of inspections?

    Currently SkySpecs exclusively offers visual blade inspections. We plan to offer other forms of inspections in 2018, however, so feel free to sign up for our newsletter to stay apprised of all the latest news and announcements!

    Do you make your own drones?

    We do not make our own drones. Currently we use the Freefly Alta, a drone built in Washington state in the United States.

    What if I have my own operators or my own drone?

    We provide all of the operators and the drones. We will not be able to use your drones for the inspections. Eventually, we may be able to train your employees to operate the drones and conduct inspections, but that is not a current offering.

    Can you fly in Germany, Denmark, UK, etc?

    Yes we are certified in many countries including Germany, Denmark, and the UK. We will obtain all clearances in any country in which you have wind turbines installed.

    Are you available for offshore inspections too?

    Yes we are able to complete offshore inspections from a boat and have experience in conducting such inspections with several customers as of early 2017.

    Can you inspect substations?

    We do not currently inspect substations.

    Do you use GPS?

    Yes, we have GPS on the drone, but we are using a combination of sensors including LiDAR scanning to position and navigate the drone around the wind turbine.



    How do I get on the schedule?

    We schedule inspections as soon as a purchase order is received from our customers. We require 30 days of lead time after receiving the signed purchase order for scheduling at our normal rates. We possess all the documents for a typical vendor qualification and can move quickly to become an approved vendor.

    How far in advance do I need to schedule?

    We require a minimum of 30 days between the receipt of a signed purchase order and the first day of inspections. We also require an up-front payment of 25% to guarantee scheduling. If this is not possible we may have to move your scheduled inspection date based on our availability.

    Is there a minimum number of inspections we need to schedule?

    Yes. In the U.S., the minimum number is 20 inspections. Other regions are determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Do you charge for weather days and down time?

    Typically we charge for weather days and downtime.



    Can we integrate with SCADA data?

    We are planning on integrating with SCADA data in later releases. Please sign up for the SkySpecs’ newsletter to stay apprised of updates and new features & offerings!

    Can the SkySpecs portal accept other types of data?

    Our portal does not currently accept other forms of inspection data. This includes pictures taken from the ground, rope crew, or another drone. All our inspection pictures are correlated with position data on the blade that would not sync with other forms of inspection data.

    Are you experts in analysis? Are the analyses done by machines or people?

    SkySpecs employs wind turbine blade experts to analyze and annotate the inspection data. We are in the process of developing algorithms for automatic analysis in the near future.

    If SkySpecs conducts the inspection, who provides the analysis?

    SkySpecs completes the analysis through our web portal where our customers can view all the data and reports. Our customers’ independent analysts can easily add their own annotations to the web portal.

    How long do you store the data? Is there a cost to store the data?

    We store your data free for one year. After one year we offer long-term storage at a fixed annual price.



    What is your wind speed and temperature limitations?

    We operate in 13 m/s steady winds and 17 m/s gusts. We can operate in most temperatures, but have limited flight time below 15 degrees Fahrenheit..

    Does my company need to be certified with the FAA to work with SkySpecs?

    Your company does not need to be certified with the FAA. SkySpecs will provide an FAA certified operator for all inspections.

    Can you fly above 400 feet?

    Yes. SkySpecs is allowed to fly above 400 feet. Part 107, the most recent drone regulation, allows SkySpecs to fly up to 400 feet above a structure as long as we are within 400 lateral feet of the structure. If you have additional safety or regulatory questions, any member of our operations department would be happy to answer them.

    What kind of support does SkySpecs need from our technicians?

    SkySpecs’ field teams can operate most efficiently when blades are stopped remotely. You may also provide us with a SCADA terminal to use while on site, or a technician who can stop the blades in advance of our team’s arrival at each turbine.

    How do you identify blades A,B & C?

    Blade identification depends on your turbine type. Some blades are labeled on the outside, which we then process when we are completing the annotations. Others will require information from you.

    Can you fly on any type of tower or blade?

    We can fly on all types of wind turbines. The style and manufacturer does not make a difference.

    Do the blades have to be stopped for the inspection?

    Yes, the blades must be locked in place prior to the inspection.



    How can I partner with SkySpecs and what are you looking for in a partner?

    We consider a variety of partnerships. Please inquire here if you are interested in collaborating. The more information you can provide us, the easier it will be to connect you to the correct department.

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