External blade health is just one part of the big picture

Introducing the SkySpecs’ ROVER

Interior wind turbine blade inspections are challenging. Historically; cost, safety, poor image quality, and timely data organization efforts have been major limiting factors of manual internal blade inspections.

ROVER, by SkySpecs, solves those challenges.

The SkySpecs ROVER is faster, safer, and more precise than manual inspections.

Can visually map the inside of the blade in as little as 30 mins

Automatic distance measurements applied to each image

No blade expertise needed to complete an inspection

Safely capture all aspects of blade, ensuring full coverage

Compact and portable, easy to take uptower on any job

Data organized in Horizon for easy review and analysis

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SkySpecs Rover Inspection
SkySpecs Rover

How do I learn to use the ROVER once it arrives?

Your team will receive a ROVER kit with detailed instructions and can begin using it within a few hours. If you require assistance, the SkySpecs support team is ready to help.

Where do I see the images after the inspections are complete?

Once data is uploaded, it will be available immediately in Horizon, SkySpecs’ digital asset management platform, where your team can view, annotate, and analyze your results.

Will I be able to see all aspects of the blade?

Yes, ROVER captures multiple angles of the blade simultaneously along the entire blade’s length and width. ROVER also can go further into the blade than a human, ensuring a full mapping of the internal blade.

How big is ROVER?

ROVER is small and compact and can be taken on any uptower job (35 cm x 25 cm x 16.5 cm).

SkySpecs Rover Inspection
SkySpecs Rover Inspection

How does the ROVER see where it’s going inside the blade?

It is equipped with lights and sensors that illuminate the path, and is easy to drive from the control tablet. The tech can also see where the ROVER is at all times from the control tablet.

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