SkySpecs’ O&M Solutions

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SkySpecs’ ultimate mission is to lower the LCOE, drive up efficiency, and make wind energy available and attainable for all. We work with customers in over 16 countries to lower the cost of renewable energy with robotics and analytics.

Our solutions are born of our aggressive goals for the future of renewable energy. Our services utilize AI, machine learning, and robotics to enable the highest efficiency and precision products on the market.

SkySpecs’ Autonomous Data Capture

We’ve dramatically shortened the data capture process, causing what used to take an entire season, take just a few short weeks.

SkySpecs has inspected over 25,000 wind turbines in the last two years, and analyzed over 75,000 images. With 100% autonomous operation once the drone leaves the ground, there is little-to-no room for human error. Our inspections are safe, precise, fast, and allow for repeatability.

SkySpecs' Autonomous Data Capture

SkySpecs - Engineering Services


Condition-based maintenance is the goal for blade health and repairs. Horizon is the “command post” for making it possible.

Our software platform functions as one solution for blade management and O&M data. Customers who have added Horizon to their portfolio save time managing tasks, consolidating and digitizing data, and gaining valuable insights into their fleet. Horizon helps our customers quantify blade damage through the use of analytics and comparative, year-over-year data.

Engineering Services

We streamline review, remediation, planning and repair execution, solving the problem of

SkySpecs now offers a single source for the full-range of services related to the operation of wind turbine blades. Lead by our team of blade expert engineers with 10+ years in the industry, we work with leading global renewable owners to reduce costs, make sense of trends, and assess risk.

SkySpecs' Engineering Services
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