Value Proposition

Value Proposition

SkySpecs focuses on the following values to the customer:


inspections per day per drone


minute inspections


With an inspection time of < 15 minutes, we help our customers maximize uptime.

On a farm of 100 turbines, this can add up to significant increased revenue. Additionally, when all of the inspection data is collected, annotated, and reported within days instead of months, repair teams can be optimally scheduled to minimize overall operations and maintenance costs.


All the data that SkySpecs collects is to provide actionable insight on the wind turbine. Through SkySpecs’ web data portal, all inspection images are measurable, include annotations and severity levels, and can be filtered, sorted, or exported into reports.


The autonomous drone knows exactly where on each blade and each tower it is for every picture that it takes. This allows the inspections to be repeated, taking the exact same pictures which can be compared over time or to every other turbine across the fleet.

Customers are now able to locate common damage or defects between turbines and see damage propagate over time.


Each inspection is identical, regardless of which technician pushes “go” on the drone in the field. The experience of the technician is no longer related to the speed or quality of the inspection. Since the inspections are so fast, the probability of bad weather delaying inspections becomes much lower.

Even on a day with periods of rain, SkySpecs completes inspections when there are breaks in the weather as short as 30 minutes.

Wind turbine blades are designed to last 20 years. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance many blades are destined for the landfill well before this time. Alongside gearboxes and bearings, blades experience wear-and-tear. Maximizing return on investment begins before purchase and extends throughout the life cycle of the blade.

  • Knowing the condition of the blades is essential to build a long-term strategy for maximizing blade life
  • Well maintained blades are less likely to create unanticipated downtime and will generate more power consistently
  • Repairing damage at the right time over the course of its development saves time, money & resources
  • Identifying issues covered under warranty can easily pay for the inspection several times over
  • Keeping aging blades in optimum condition benefits everyone involved!
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