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There are a lot of companies who use drones to provide inspections, but only SkySpecs has developed a drone that only requires the single push of a button. SkySpecs provides 100% automated wind turbine inspections with absolutely no input from a human after takeoff. In other words, no part of our inspection process is manual.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Inspections are measurably faster; an inspection can be completed in 15 minutes or less
  • Repeatability is ensured; same pictures on every blade, every time
  • All pictures are measurable. Need to know how much erosion is on the leading edge? The length of a crack? Where it is on the blade? Everything is measurable.
  • Safety is guaranteed; our drones are programmed to know exactly what to capture and what to avoid


There are varying levels of autonomy

A fully automated drone inspection scans all four sides of all three blades from only meters from the surface, taking pictures, measuring the surface, and planning its own path all without any input from a human. This means that every single inspection is identical, independent of the operator, turbine, geographic location, time of day, or any other factor.

What is an Autonomous Inspection?


Takeoff and Landing

Once the operator turns on the drone and pushes “go”, the drone takes off on its own and locates the wind turbine. Once the inspection is complete, the drone flies back to its starting point, lands, and turns off.


Path Choice

After the drone has located the wind turbine, it flies to the top of the tower to get a view of all three blades. It automatically identifies where the blades are positioned and then comes up with the most efficient path. This is not a pre-programmed route, and doesn’t depend on the make and model, rotor diameter, tower height, or location.


Image/Data Collection

An autonomous drone follows the optimal path that it has determined from the initial flight, taking pictures at precise locations with a set percentage overlap between pictures. This ensures that every surface is completely covered by the end of the inspection.

Some inspection companies will tell you the number of megapixels in which their camera shoots. This number is irrelevant if you don’t know distance from the blade. A smaller megapixel camera a few meters from the blade will produce a better picture than a large megapixel camera flown from 20 meters away. What matters is whether you can see a crack that is 2 millimeters wide. With SkySpecs, you can.


Image & Light Settings

One big challenge with inspections using any method is the lighting.

SkySpecs’ automated drone solution is able to fly very close to the blade while precisely controlling the camera settings. By controlling these settings in each picture and being within a few meters of the blade, SkySpecs’ drone captures extremely crisp, high quality pictures that capture the texture of the blade and all surface features even in low light conditions.

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