Autonomous Inspection
The only 100% autonomous inspection on the market

Increase Availability

There are a lot of companies who use drones to provide inspections, but only SkySpecs has developed a drone that only requires the single push of a button. SkySpecs provides 100% automated wind turbine inspections with absolutely no input from a human after takeoff. In other words, no part of our inspection process is manual.

What does this mean for our customers?

Inspections are measurably faster

  • Inspections are measurably faster; an inspection can be completed in 15 minutes or less
  • Repeatability is ensured; same pictures on every blade, every time

Measurable data

  • All pictures are measurable. Need to know how much erosion is on the leading edge? The length of a crack? Where it is on the blade? Everything is measurable.

Safety is guaranteed

  • Safety is guaranteed; our drones are programmed to know exactly what to capture and what to avoid

What is an Autonomous Inspection?

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