We are pleased to provide our customers with answers to the most commonly asked questions about SkySpecs and the services we provide. We have organized these FAQs into 5 categories for your convenience:

Range of Services

Scheduling, Weather & Pricing

Data, Analysis & the SkySpecs Customer Portal

Inspection Requirements



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Range of Services

We do not sell our drones to third parties or individuals at this time.

SkySpecs offers an end-to-end solution for all your blade inspections. When we schedule an inspection, we send a highly qualified operator (or a team depending on the size of the job) to the field with the SkySpecs’ system to collect data. After conducting nearly 25,000 onshore and offshore inspections in 14 countries, our team is highly experienced.

We serve the wind energy industry exclusively at this time.

The basic functionality of Horizon is available to all of our inspection customers. Please contact us to set up a call about how Horizon can become a critical part of your O&M decision making.

We provide all of the operators and the drones. We will not be able to use your drones for the inspections.

Yes we are certified in 14 countries and can quickly work with new countries to gain certifications.

We are highly experienced at both onshore and offshore inspections.

We supply all necessary technicians, who are highly experienced, for each job and adjust for size and scope of the work.

Yes, we have GPS on the drone, but we are using a combination of sensors including LiDAR scanning to position and navigate the drone around the wind turbine.

Scheduling, Weather & Payment

We schedule inspections as soon as a purchase order is received from our customers. We possess all the documents for a typical vendor qualification and can move quickly to become an approved vendor. You will receive a call from our customer success manager who will walk you through the steps necessary to set up the inspections, process the data, and learn about other O&M services that we offer.

We prefer a minimum of 30 days between the receipt of a signed purchase order and the first day of inspections, but it is often contingent on time of the year. Serving our customers is our priority so we will work hard to accommodate your needs.

No. There is no minimum number of inspections.

Data, Analysis & Horizon, our Asset Management Platform

Data is delivered and viewable on the Horizon platform in 7-10 days following the end of an inspection campaign.

Horizon serves as a repository for many types of turbine data. Please speak to a business representative to discuss your specific needs.

Yes, and both. We have a highly skilled blade team, lead by leaders in the industry. This team executes a three-tiered quality control process to analyze your data. They have processed and analyzed millions of blade images. We are also working on Blue, our machine learning system, which allows us to identify damages using an advanced algorithm. Blue is already being used on a limited basis and will be rolled out in 2019.

Absolutely. Horizon was developed to serve as a hub for all of our customers and their collaborators to interact with their data in a way that enables them to make the best decisions.

We store your data free for two years. After two years we offer long-term storage at a fixed annual price.

Inspection/Data Collection Requirements

We operate in 15 m/s steady winds and 18 m/s gusts. We can operate in most temperatures but have limited flight time below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your company does not need to be certified with the FAA. SkySpecs will provide an FAA certified operator for all inspections.

Yes. SkySpecs is allowed to fly above 400 feet. Part 107, the most recent drone regulation, allows SkySpecs to fly up to 400 feet above a structure as long as we are within 400 lateral feet of the structure.  If you have additional safety or regulatory questions, any member of our operations department would be happy to answer them. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

SkySpecs’ field teams can operate most efficiently when blades are stopped remotely. You may also provide us with a SCADA terminal to use while on site, or a technician who can stop the blades in advance of our team’s arrival at each turbine.  These decisions are made on the kickoff call so that there are no surprises once the campaign commences.

Blade identification depends on your turbine type. Some blades are labeled on the outside, which we then process when we are completing the annotations. Others will require information from you.

We can fly on all types of wind turbines. The style and manufacturer does not make a difference.

Yes, the blades must be locked in place prior to the inspection. We can work with any orientation.


As of August 2019, we do not have a need for additional partners but we really enjoy talking nonetheless because opportunities may arise in the near future and we will keep your information on hand. We consider a variety of partnerships. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating.  The more information you can provide us, the easier it will be to connect you to the correct department.

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