Conference | MARCH 22-23, 2023

Meet SkySpecs at Blades USA 2023!

Learn about the state of the wind power industry (and where it’s going) and hear from SkySpecs’ CTO, Tom Brady.


MARCH 23 | 9.40am – 10.10am

You Can’t Spell Blade Standards Without BS

Speaker: Tom Brady, Co-Founder and CTO, SkySpecs

Blade damage categorization has been around for years. As an industry, we have been trying to set “categorization standards” for just as long, without much success. But what if blade categorization standards aren’t the magic bullet that everyone has been hoping for? We’ve tried to create standards because it seemed like the industry demanded it. Standards are difficult to establish because damage categorization on a 1-5 scale is often a proxy for what should be done about the damage. This, however, depends entirely on the goals of each organization and each project. What if we accepted blade damage categorization should instead be oriented around risk, probability of productivity, or degradation? How would we evolve our process of blade management with this lens on damages?

Key discussion points:

  • Pros and Cons of current blade damage categorization practices
  • Key factors that impact the decisions on prioritizing damages
  • What could a new, more risk-oriented approach to damage categorization look like?


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