Engineering Services
Remediate issues now to lower costs later

The mission behind our Engineering Advisory Services is to provide the data and tools to enable the best long-term decision-making for owners to manage their assets. Our expert team adds value to the data collected during inspections, by providing advisory services for near- and long-term disposition.  


At SkySpecs, we regularly witness the outcome of failing to identify damage and fix it before it becomes a catastrophic failure.  We know that if owners remediate known issues at the 5-10-year mark, higher-priced damages (or ultimate failures) are mitigated or eliminated altogether. On the flip side, we also witness the benefits of catching problems early, thereby lowering costs of more costly repairs and downtime.


To that end, we work with our customers to position them in an equilibrium mode of operation, with the greater goal of never reaching Cat 5 damage.

Engineering Advisory Leaders

Tomasz Sieradzan
Tomasz Sieradzan
Blade Engineer, Technical Lead

  • 6 years at DNV.GL as senior engineer
  • Structural design engineer at LM Wind Power
  • Master’s Degree of Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics at the Technical University of Denmark


Gabriel Haltli-Field Blade Engineer
Gabriel Haltli
Field Blade Engineer

  • 12 years working at LM
  • 5 years working as NDT UT inspector in plant facility
  • 5 years working as Global NDT specialist
  • 2 years line supervisor at Technology Applications Group


Jacob Houser
Jacob Houser
Data Specialist

  • 4 Yrs at Ingeteam as Lead Commissioning Technician
  • Gamesa Commissioning Certification
  • BZEE Certification
  • Composites Inspection & Repair Certification


Risk Advisory Services

Our customers take advantage of one or all of the sub-services outlined, depending on their unique needs and long-term goals.

Define the remediation needed
Prioritize repairs to strategically minimize downtime while also minimizing the growth of damage
Identify long-term remediation as necessary
Engineer repairs/help with quality implementation of blade maintenance campaigns

SkySpecs - Engineering Services

SkySpecs - Engineering Services

Repair Auditing

Owners are typically in the dark when it comes to their repair campaigns, resulting in errors, missteps, and/or the use of insufficient repair methods. We bring transparency and expertise to your campaigns, using Horizon as the hub of all of our interactions, reporting, and advisory. Our customers choose the options that are best for them.

Help to choose the right repair companies/audit suppliers
Audit repair quality using our streamlined process
Engineer repair or remediation

Blade Maintenance Quality Assurance

Specific to blades, SkySpecs advises our customers about the quality implementation and process of maintenance.

Plan and oversee implementation of a maintenance plan using extensive data and historical knowledge
Implement work in the field and ensure quality and appropriate methodology
Identify long-term remediation as necessary

SkySpecs - Engineering Services
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