Dimensions of Fault Detection: What We Want to Achieve with CMS

With greenhouse gas emissions on the rise and our dependence on fossil fuels at an all-time high, we need to start looking at alternative ways to generate clean, renewable energy. Renewable energy sources like wind power could be the next step in reducing our global carbon footprint. Wind turbines allow us to tap into the […]

SkySpecs and PowerCurve Team up, Providing Stronger Blade Analytics


ANN ARBOR, MICH.  — USA-based SkySpecs and Denmark-based PowerCurve have entered a product partnership based on SkySpecs’ and PowerCurve’s unrivaled expertise within blade asset management and wind turbine aerodynamics. The result is the AEP Loss Analysis tool, which solves the challenge of linking real-world blade condition with power performance loss in a repeatable and consistent way. […]

Challenges with Data Access for Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Wind energy is currently ranked as the third-largest electricity generation capacity in the U.S, trailing behind natural gas-fired generators and coal-fired generators. In order for the wind energy sector to be seen as a serious competitor and viable alternative to fossil fuels, the industry has to adopt new technologies and data sharing practices. Sounds simple, right? But […]

Using Robotics and AI to Optimize Wind Operations and Maintenance

Across the globe, businesses and country-wide policies are committing to a net-zero future. As we all ramp up our use of renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels, efficiency is critical. Here’s what we know – The Global Wind Energy Market size is projected to reach $127.2 billion by the year 2027, wind power […]