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SkySpecs envisions a world where wind energy is the most affordable form of electricity and therefore ubiquitous around the world. SkySpecs is helping to make this possible by automating the operations and maintenance of wind farms using advanced robotics paired with Horizon, our custom-built asset performance management software.

SkySpecs launched the world’s first completely autonomous blade inspection product in 2016 with a custom-designed drone system. Since then, SkySpecs has inspected over 25,000 wind turbines in 16 countries, becoming the world leader in understanding the health of turbine blades. Identifying issues with turbine blades is only the first step. In 2019, SkySpecs launched Horizon to be a platform for SkySpecs to offer a multi-layered solution for customers that includes: data collection, wind turbine blade engineering expertise, and a place for all stakeholders to collaborate to manage and analyze massive amounts of data, spot trends, and create plans for high-cost repair campaigns. Ultimately, this will help reduce the cost and risk of operations for the industry.


SkySpecs will probably be unlike any place you’ve ever worked. The second you walk in the door, you will feel the high energy environment filled with incredibly smart people solving hard problems. SkySpecs values collaboration, multidisciplinary problem solving, and a mantra of ‘under-promise, over-deliver’. SkySpecs is at a critical growth period with an endless number of opportunities to make an impact.

SkySpecs is seeking an early-career Operations Coordinator to join the team based in Ann Arbor, MI. You will help plan, provision, execute, and manage numerous complex people and equipment operations throughout North America. You will be a jack-of-all-trades responsible for everything from coordinating SkySpecs operations with site managers to developing tracking systems for more efficient ways of scheduling drone operators to figuring out a last-minute shipment of batteries to the middle of nowhere. Every day will be a new adventure.


  • Associate’s degree or higher in operations, engineering, logistics, project management, or similar.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and flexibility. Must be able to handle high-level, long-term planning one moment and switch to fast-paced project execution the next.
  • Must be comfortable making decisions independently and juggling multiple tasks with critical deadlines.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, project management, planning and communication skills; high attention to detail; consistent follow through; a stellar team player.
  • Must be comfortable with ambiguity and fast, constant changes to “the plan” with the ability to adapt quickly and make it seem effortless.
  • Must be able to manage competing interests while maintaining a sense of urgency and meet frequent short timelines, goals, and deadlines.
  • Ability to work from our Ann Arbor, MI office on a full-time basis.
  • A valid driver’s license.


  • Startup or tech experience.
  • Wind energy / renewables background.
  • 1-3 years of experience in operations, logistics, project management, or similar.
  • Practical experience utilizing process control, logistics, maintenance / tech support, quality, metrics tracking, or similar systems.
  • Experience working with international customers and cross-cultural communications.
  • Experience with international shipping, customs documentation, ATA carnets, etc.
  • Experience with IATA Dangerous Goods packing and shipping procedures.
  • Practical, hands-on experience with drones – or better yet, a drone / private pilot license!


As an Operations Coordinator at SkySpecs, you’ll be responsible for solving a variety of operational challenges, many of which will involve creating and implementing new processes and systems from scratch.

  • 60% operations project support. Significant, independent coordination with customers and contractors to understand logistics and scheduling constraints and support project execution. Track and manage field performance metrics and KPIs. Maintain and develop relationships with existing contractors, providing them feedback and improving our processes. Build and track project budgets to meet operations and company goals.
  • 15% logistics / shipping. No reservations about hands on work. Pack equipment and batteries for deployments. Coordinate and execute the entire shipping process. Procure shipping material and keep it organized in the office. Manage international shipments. Understand logistics requirements for new countries.
  • 5% operations engineering. Own, develop, and implement processes for inventory control, drone configuration management, personnel scheduling, data quality control, maintenance, field troubleshooting, etc.
  • 20% jack of all trades. Documentation support, subcontractor support, EH&S, etc.


Glad you asked; it’s not a one-way street. We want to sell you on why we’re the best, too.

  • We really trust our employees and we go above and beyond. To that end, we work with a flexible work schedule.
  • You’ll receive the respect and loyalty of your teammates (and we’re not just saying that; it’s actually a thing around here).
  • We offer a fun, energetic, often entertaining workplace that is open and accepting of all interests.
  • We get to work in downtown Ann Arbor, which equates to restaurants, shops, coffee houses and bars just outside our front door.
  • We love to grab a beer, sponsor tailgates, and share knowledge in casual settings. We like each other so we enjoy doing stuff together.


Please introduce yourself by sending your resume and cover letter to:

In your cover letter, please include why you want to work at SkySpecs and how your previous experience relates to the position described.

Our People Ops team will respond as soon as possible. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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